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No travel agency. No tour operators. No packaged holidays. No commission. No one size fits all. No hidden agenda. Custom made and personalized trips in the same way that I have always packaged my own adventures. We’ll figure out what you want out of your vacation and I will do the research for you. You pay me a nominal fee to source the best personalized dream trip for you.

I source local operators and have first hand connections in numerous places across the globe. I research on the ground operators and have never used a big name operator for any of our travels. I go places based on people’s reviews and it has never failed me. Not only can you save tones of money by having me do all the research for you, but you will have a fully customized, personal vacation to fit your needs, without the headache of researching. A Bora Bora trip for 3 people cost me $5000 versus the $10000 price tag I was able to find online. I paid $5000 for a Maldives vacation versus the same already packaged deal with a price tag of $8000.

I am here to help make your travel dream come true in the same way that I have helped shape hundreds of other friends’ and family’s dreams into reality and saved them thousands of dollars along the way. Sit back, relax and let’s plan your next getaway! Travel with a pro, like a pro!

Not only have I been to 82 countries in every corner of the world, I also speak 6 languages, have lived in 4 countries and I have inspired hundreds of people including staff at Embassies as well as Government Officials.

Ideas, Inspiration, Advice Free 
Brainstorming and designing a fully customized preliminary itinerary for your dream vacation with the best prices I can find to save you money $100 
Invaluable firsthand experience Priceless 😊  

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Should you ever have any issues with your flights, I highly recommend the most active Air Passenger Rights advocate in Canada, Gabor Lukacs.

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