The Masterpiece that is Australia

Dreaming might be the paramount flight to endless destinations, but Australia was not a dream; it was a dream come true. The drive from Adelaide to Brisbane was detailed with unforeseeable pleasures of the gaze to delight our senses. Australia was nature at its finest masterpiece, to a point that I could not distinguish the threshold between reality and imagination.  
            Driving through the Barossa Valley, a plenitude of miracles awoke my interest. My sight was evidently divided between anxiously exploring for koalas and indulging in the serenity of the canvas. The vines so green with life appeared to be whispering our names. We took an abrupt stop and indulged in a sip of Dionysus’ best known poison and ailment, a glass of wine. The swift wind’s whisper pushed us along the way into the sunset approaching the London Bridge. The silence of the ocean emanated music that embraced the shores with tunes of wonder. I woke up as the serenity of the disproportional illusion dissipated with the first wave crashing into the bridge. The golden cliffs have taken the colour of the multitude of sunsets they have hosted. Around them, the turquoise rainbow of the ocean accentuates the endless horizon.  
            It was February fourteen by the time we reached the Twelve Apostles. On site, we encountered people from all over the world wishing to catch a glimpse of the moonlight chase after the melodramatic sunset. The crowd appeared torn between tragedy and ecstasy, as the sun decided to hide behind the possessive clouds rather than melt with the ocean. The tourists’ genuine smiles were paradoxically showered with regret.  
We continued our journey through arid places and tropical marvels, at times wrinkling our senses with the fresh scent of dead kangaroos alongside the road. Australia never ceases to surprise, as it is an experience that will purify your eyes and enrich the heart. 

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